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Tag: water softeners Camp Pendleton

Impress Your Guests with Your Water

27 November, 2012 (16:13) | Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

It’s that time of year again…the holidays are upon us!  For many, this is the busiest time of the year.  From shopping for holiday gifts to baking meals and holiday treats, it’s easy to have a jam packed day every single day of the week!  For a lot of folks, the holiday time also means […]

Improving qualities of life one water softener at a time

15 November, 2012 (15:54) | Hard Water Solutions, Money Savings, Water Softeners | By: admin

As with all of our home water systems, our water softeners can truly improve the quality of life with hard water. Hard water is a common problem that more than 85% of American households are trying to live with. As water moves through soil and rock, it dissolves very small amounts of minerals and holds […]

Camp Pendleton Housing and Water Treatment Services

14 November, 2012 (16:25) | Drinking Water System, Hard Water Solutions, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water Softeners | By: admin

Even on base, the quality of your drinking water may not be optimal. In the Camp Pendleton area, we deal with both hard water and drinking water contamination. Just because you live on base doesn’t mean that you should have limited access to home drinking water systems. Our services are extended to on-base housing and […]

Soften Your Base Water

1 November, 2012 (10:48) | Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

If you’ve recently moved to Camp Pendleton, you may have noticed some strange things happening.  You’ve run the dishes through the dishwasher but they come out with spots on them.  You’ve done the laundry but the clothes don’t seem clean.  And, you took a shower but your skin and hair feel dry. Don’t worry; you’re […]

Renters Deserve Soft Water Too!

16 October, 2012 (19:02) | Hard Water Solutions, Water Softeners | By: admin

If you are one of the many Americans who live in an area that has hard water, you know how annoying and costly its effects can be.  But maybe you’re renting a home and you thought you just had to put up with it.  After all, your landlord lives in another state where he doesn’t […]