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What is a Salt-Free Water Conditioner?

29 July, 2014 (15:57) | Hard Water Solutions, Impurity Solutions, Water Softeners, Water Usage, Water Waste | By: admin

Let’s face it, water is an essential and vital component to sustain life, but in order for drinking water to provide its full range of health and household benefits, it often must be treated.  The question most often asked is, “which water treatment system is the best?”  We wish there was just one answer to that […]

Shower Stream May Contain Contaminants

27 February, 2013 (16:14) | Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water News | By: admin

National Care About Your Indoor Air Month has arrived and may be raising some red flags for homeowners who are now becoming more aware of the steam and air while they shower. Showering seems like a harmless activity to most of us, but as the facts become clearer, it may be harmful in some circumstances. […]