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Tag: fluoride

Effects of Fluoridated Drinking Water

21 July, 2015 (18:03) | Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions | By: admin

Fluoride has made its way back into the news again lately and it has the same supporters and critics of fluoridated drinking water in communities around the country. About 75% of people have purposely fluoridated water, but even those who do not may still get fluoride via natural occurrence. With all of the hype about […]

Fluoridation – Again?

14 March, 2012 (14:50) | Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water News | By: admin

I’ve been writing about water issues for a long time now, and was so relieved when, about a year ago, I determined that I could finally quit harping on the fluoridation issue. Many states and municipalities finally listened to consumers and the many scientists who argued that ingesting fluoride is not only pointless, but dangerous […]

Fluoride, For The Health Of Our Kids

10 January, 2011 (12:13) | Water News | By: admin

Parents will do anything to ensure the health and safety of their children. That’s why we do our best to make sure they’re staying healthy by eating a well-balanced diet and drinking water. But even after many years of pushing the 8 glasses a day routine, new research studies show that all tap water may […]