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NASA Involved in California Drought Crisis

27 March, 2014 (15:51) | Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis, Water Usage, Water Waste | By: admin

The California drought has been in the news more than ever lately, mostly because more people are realizing the severity and complexity of the situation. Likewise, it could cause devastating issues down the road for the economy and residents around the state. Although there shows rain in the forecast, it may not be enough to make up for what has been called some of the driest months in recent history.

According to a recent article from Water Technology Online, NASA will be meeting with officials at the California Department of Water Resources to talk about the drought and what could be done to help. NASA can track the levels of underground aquifers using satellites, and plans on advising the state on how to keep those crucial water supplies from getting too low. This may be the information people have been waiting for and one way to deal with the future implications.

But how can a satellite in space monitor something like an aquifer which is deep below ground level? Good question. As the article explains, NASA geologist Tom Farr says one way involves sending radar signals down to earth. These signals can measure changes in surface elevation. “As you pump water out of an aquifer the ground actually does subside or sink,” Farr said, adding that when it rains and aquifers fill up the ground rises slightly. Another way NASA monitors groundwater levels is by measuring the mass of the Earth at various locations. Both of these methods are important because draining too much water from an aquifer can undermine its ability to store more water.

After their discussions, the state hopes to minimize some of the possible scenarios that could be a result of limited water in the aquifers. Residents, too, can do their part to minimize the water crisis by using and wasting less. You can conserve more water with the right drinking water system. Technology has evolved into eco-friendly solutions which waste less water than traditional reverse osmosis systems and filter water so that your family can enjoy great-tasting, safe drinking water. Contact us today to learn more about how our drinking water systems can conserve water. You can do the little things while NASA and the officials figure out the big things when it comes to these drought conditions.

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