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Improve Life at the Office With a Water Cooler

1 March, 2013 (17:38) | Drinking Water System, Reverse Osmosis | By: admin

If you have worked at or visited any type of office or salesroom during the last decade, you have most likely encountered the typical sight of a water cooler standing in the corner with an inverted water jug on top and a stack of paper or plastic cups next to it, inviting you to help yourself to a refreshing cup of cold water.  If you were lucky, there was also the option of getting a cup of hot water out of the same dispenser, so you could make your own coffee or other hot beverage.  Water coolers are not a new invention, however, there have been some recent changes to them that have impacted both their functionality and the quality of the water they dispense.

Water coolers such as the ones described above have often been used in offices where there is no safe source of drinking water.  With such a system, large jugs of filtered water are delivered to the office by a water treatment company on a regular basis, and empty jugs are picked up and returned for refilling.  Some disadvantages of this traditional water cooler are the heaviness of the jugs, the issue of where to neatly store the full and empty containers until the next delivery, and the guessing game of exactly how many jugs to order and keep on hand at one time to fulfill the office’s drinking water needs.

At Rayne of Irvine, we offer a simpler solution in our water coolers with LINX technology.  Since the unit hooks up directly to an existing water source, there is no need to handle heavy jugs of water on a daily basis to refill the cooler.  The unit simply filters the water as it passes through, leaving you with great tasting water with less hassle.  Not handling jugs means less strain on your back, less strain on the environment with reduced need for plastic bottles, and a steady stream of healthy water that is available 24-7.  As with the traditional water cooler, there is still the ability to choose hot or cold water, and with LINX technology, you can adjust the mineral content in the water to be more suitable to your personal taste.  Take the time today to check it out and improve life at the office- your employees and customers will thank you too!

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