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Businesses Also Facing Water Risks These Days

25 February, 2014 (17:25) | Drinking Water System, Impurities Found in Drinking Water, Impurity Solutions, Reverse Osmosis, Water Usage, Water Waste | By: admin

Businesses in the western United States have one more thing to worry about these days – water. Not just contamination or impurities affecting their products, but the water shortage itself has them competing for water against consumers and other industries like agriculture and mining. Consumers and businesses alike are soon to be affected by the limited water supply and climate changes which are drying up many of our sources and leaving people to wonder what will happen in the future.

As population grows and the economy improves, millions of people are making their way back into the middle class, which tends to increase the demand for water and all of the things it is associated with. Cooking and personal hygiene are only a piece of the puzzle, as is the water it takes to produce the chemicals, materials, food, fuels, energy and other “stuff” associated with middle-class living and overall economic growth.

Water is a rising risk factor so much that dealing with these issues strategically and proactively may determine whether a company will sink or swim. According to a recent blog from Joel Makower of GreenBiz, “company awareness about water risk” is vital. The good news for the situation (and about the only good news) is that scarcity and risk drive innovation and new products on the market, and there’s a mini-boom taking place in water tech — everything from “filtration and desalination to sanitation and efficiency.”

Conservation is the key. In order to both protect yourself from impurities and harmful contaminants as well water waste, consider one of our eco-friendly drinking water systems which can filter  your water and reduce water waste. Our advanced water filter technology can save you up to 90% more water than traditional reverse osmosis systems and will allow you to do your part to conserve when this nation needs it most.

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