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‘Little Polliwogs’ Found in Connecticut Drinking Water

28 January, 2010 (00:15) | Impurities Found in Drinking Water | By: admin

There have been some fantastic news reports about contaminated water, but in Hartford, Connecticut, what they found is nothing short of creepy.

In April 2009, in Hartford, Connecticut, a resident there spotted “little polliwogs” or organisms about the size of a pin head in his water filter. You can see a larger picture of the little critters here on the left.

Pretty soon, the town realized they were everywhere – homes, schools, hospitals, in the entire water supply.

Their solution was to flood the entire water system with elevated levels of Chlorine in an effort to kill the infestation. And although health officials insisted these little guys are not harmful, the whole thing just makes your skin crawl.

What prompted this creepy discovery — a home water treatment system. (Read more about this story here)

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